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The only place where you can get back time and also add good things to your life


Instead of standard coffee, smoothies and breakfast/lunch options, we integrate health and longevity into our offering - a first-of-its-kind concept.

When was the last time you felt truly great?
When you felt 100%?
Rested from a full night’s sleep?
No headaches?
No muscle pains?
Less stress?
Flawless skin?

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Keep me updated
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Create personalized
health & wellness

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Unlock your
well-being potential

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Add healthy
years to your life

Our services are designed for only you!

Our services are completely personalised to you and your individual needs. Our physicians and nutritionists look at your blood biochemistry, your genetics, your epigenetics, your food intolerances, your microbiome and so much more to recommend nutrition and supplement regimens that are expert-approved and 100% catered to your needs.

At HL.CAFE we offer:

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Diagnostic testing & access to our expert clinical team

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Scientifically proven supplements selected for you according to your diagnostics results

Health Membership programs focused on testing, retesting, supplements and full menu through our mobile app

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High-grade food menu and café community


We are building out a series of innovative cafés globally that will provide longevity products and services to the world in a way never seen before.

Pilot café

Healthy Longevity Café in Prague

A new generation of tech enabled & community-based cafés kicks off in the heart of Europe – Prague, Czech Republic.

While in Prague, please visit our beautiful flagship property in the old town section. This is the first of a series of innovative wellness cafes we will open in the coming years.

Learn more about prague café
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Cafe Image 1
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Interested in trying our first-of-its-kind app?
You can in a few quick steps!

1. Download the app below & register
2. Complete the 2-part questionnaire
3. Sign up for Stage 2 diagnostic testing to receive the promotion
4. Schedule an appointment for your tests

And then:
1. Our team of physicians & nutritionists will review your results and put together a personalised report & recommendations
2. You will receive this in the app
3. Then you can choose your monthly subscription of supplements (longevity, cognitive, sleep, stress, and many more)

You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store

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An Exponentially growing market

The Longevity economy is the world's fastest-growing and most misunderstood future market. Since Longevity science is advancing rapidly, our ambitions are bold & daring:

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by 2024
50 cafés in USA
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by 2026
350 cafés worldwide
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by 2030
10 000 cafés worldwide

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